Imagination and Creativity

The theme for the Boulder Friends of Jung fall lecture series is Imagination and Creativity. In his quest to intimately know the myth he was living, C.G. Jung discovered many practices and developed valuable theories to help reveal what’s really happening in psyche, which influences our personal lives, relationships, and collective endeavors. James Hillman called this revelation seeing through. Once a clearer vision and insight are gained into what is going on, dreams and imagination facilitate living life creatively and with purpose.

Each of our fall presenters reveal unique ways in which creativity and imagination facilitate the living of new narratives. We are delighted that Jim Palmer is once again kicking off our lecture series on September 4th! Jim will be showing how imagination and creativity serve in the development of persona through examples in film: two recent movies that everyone has probably seen and one classic, the romantic comedy Roman Holiday! In October, we are partnering with the Boulder Bookstore to host Carol Pearson whose new book, Persephone Rising, has its roots in Boulder where she first became interested in the Demeter and Persephone myth. We look forward to having Carol back in Boulder! In November, we have the good fortune to have Joe Mc Nair introduce us to James Hillman, including his personal experiences with the founder of Archetypal Psychology. We will screen a lecture given by James Hillman where he discusses the topic of Active Imagination and Jung’s Red book and Joe will expertly guide us through our own questions that the Hillman lecture provokes.


James Palmer, Ph.D.

The Persona: An Owner’s Manual

Friday, September 4, 2015   7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Free to Members;         Non-members $15.00


Everyone has and needs a persona or it has you, as Jung was wont to say about complexes. With the help of clips from AMERICAN BEAUTY, THE KING’S SPEECH, and ROMAN HOLIDAY, we will get a cinematic take on the pitfalls, challenges, and promise of the persona as it interacts with other archetypes—the shadow, anima/animus, individuation. All are encouraged to see and revisit William Wyler’s wonderful romantic comedy, ROMAN HOLIDAY, on your own as preparation for examining this seemingly lighthearted charmer (Audrey Hepburn in her screen debut and Academy Award winning performance). There is plenty to meet the eye and engage the mind in Wyler’s classic, and it has the added benefit of an Academy Award winning script written by the great Dalton Trumbo.

James Palmer, Ph.D. is professor emeritus of Film Studies and a President’s Teaching Scholar at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  After 43 years of teaching at CU and the past 16 years as director of the Conference on World Affairs, he is now doing R & R, writing and recreating. For many years he taught his favorite course – Jung, Film, and Literature – and a century ago, he graduated with an undergraduate degree in English from Dartmouth College, and a Ph.D. in Film and Literature from Claremont Graduate School. His articles on Jung and film have appeared in several journals, including Spring, Psychological Perspectives, Literature/Film Quarterly and Jung Journal.

Carol Pearson_resized2

Carol Pearson, Ph.D., D.Min.

Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within

SPECIAL LOCATION: Boulder Book Store, 1107 Pearl St, Boulder


Monday, Oct 19, 2015 7:30 – 9 pm

No charge


In October, we’ll meet at the Boulder Bookstore on Monday, October 19th at 7:30 PM, where Carol S. Pearson will be discussing her new book,Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within, which presents an innovative Jungian analysis of the myth of Demeter and Persephone. This story was the basis of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the most important spiritual tradition of ancient Greece. The Mysteries exemplify the use of imagination and creativity in social action, similar to the liberation and self-help movements in our own time.

In this talk, Carol will explore the archetypal qualities of the myth’s central characters – Demeter, Zeus, Persephone, and Dionysus – each of which experiences a learning curve that requires them to reframe the stories they were assuming and living, and in this way break stalemates and move to restore a healthy sense of community. She also will highlight the ways in which these archetypal patterns manifest themselves in today’s world.

Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., D.Min, is the former President of Pacifica Graduate Institute and the author or co-author of numerous books, including: The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By; The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes; Mapping the Organizational Psyche: A Jungian Theory of Organizational Dynamics and Change; The Transforming Leader: New Approaches to Leadership for the Twenty-First Century (ed.); and now Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within.

Joe McNair_orig1

Joe McNair, Ph.D., MFT

An Evening with James Hillman and Joe McNair


Friday, November 6, 2015   7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Free to Members         Non-members $15.00


We’ll watch part of a rare James Hillman DVD from his seminar on “Jung and Active Imagination” from 2009 at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Jungian analyst, Joe McNair, will share his insights into the work of Hillman and lead a discussion about Hillman’s view of Jung’s concept of Active Imagination. Joe will also share memories of his personal relationship with Hillman.

Joe McNair, Ph.D., MFT, is a psychologist and Jungian Analyst with private practices in Los Angeles and Boulder.  Joe began his training as a Jungian Analyst in 1976 in San Francisco, before studying at Oxford and then at the C.G. Jung Institute , Zurich.  He received his certification from the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles in 1988.  Prior to his Jungian training, Joe completed a doctorate in Humanistic Existentialism and Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern California.  He then spent 10 years studying with Joseph Campbell, conjugating mythical stories into psychological and therapeutic language.  It was during that time that he developed an affection for the Grail Legends and Alchemy that has continued to the present.