Spring 2014

L Radomsky-photo Initiation and Individuation in African Healing and the Psychology of C. G. Jung

Lynne Radomsky, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst

March 7, 2014

Jung conceived of ritual as the gradient for ‘the libido… on which the whole weight of the unconscious… is concentrated’ (CW 8, § 87). The red thread in these presentations traces the need for an awakening of initiation rituals through the journey of a black South African woman. The individuation process, symbolised by the emergence of a new inner god- image, is reflected in the struggle to integrate the opposites as expressed in this woman’s heroic confrontation with her calling to be a healer.

With this material, I hope to present an image of the individuation process and glimpse of the archetypal layer mirrored in the stages of an African Healer’s initiation journey. The tracking of the symbolic process of such an initiation allows for the witnessing of the autonomy and creative function of the objective psyche.

“Man is only complete when he has a relationship to history”
(C G Jung, Matter of Heart, p. 21)

On Friday evening, an overview of the African and particularly, the South African collective psyche is presented. This includes an historical account that provides us with a rich backdrop to our witnessing the unfolding of an individuation process within the African context and the inter-weaving of the symbolism of the African Healing cosmology with the psychology of C. G. Jung.

“If they do not dream, I cannot heal”

(The words of an African Healer)

Lynne Radomsky Ph.D. is a Zurich trained Jungian Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, Post Graduate Lecturer and Professional Supervisor. She has 20+ yrs. experience in psychological and analytical work within both community and private practice settings, as well as international presentations and publications. A focus of her work is the integration of Jungian and African symbolism as well as the mythology and symbolism of Jewish Mysticism. As Dr Radomsky is an initiated African Healer within the Zulu culture, her direct and personal experience provides a rich backdrop to this series of lectures. She has worked closely with a variety of indigenous healers in Southern Africa.


Roland Evans fullface_184 220Hugs and Quarrels: Individuation and the Relationship Archetype

Roland Evans, Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Friday Evening Lecture – April 4,  7:00 – 9:00 pm

Free to members | $15 for non-members

Traditionally, we imagine individuation, the evolution of our soul, as a lonely personal quest for enlightenment. This is seldom the reality. From the moment of conception, human beings are immersed in the amniotic fluid of relationship. We depend on loving, nurturing connection to live and flourish and it is within relationship that we evolve spiritually.

Primary committed relationships, such as marriage, are archetypal containers for our spiritual growth, our paths toward individuation. The inner marriage happens beneath awareness in the psychic resonance, love and friction that are the essence of transformational relationship—a connection that expands the self-awareness of both partners. Using stories, personal interviews and practical guidance, we will explore the natural every-day aspects of transformational relationship.

Roland Evans is a transpersonal psychotherapist, writer and teacher in Boulder, Colorado. Born in Ireland, he attended the Universities of Edinburgh and Pennsylvania and trained as a clinical psychologist in London. He has worked with dreams from a Jungian perspective since 1979 and taught at Naropa University for 15 years. He is author of Seeking Wholeness: Insights into the Mystery of Experience and coauthor with Jerry Ruhl of “Spirituality and Relationship in Later Life”, a chapter in the forthcoming book, Jung and Aging.

Bernice Hill_201 232The Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche: UFOs and ETs from the Perspective of Depth Psychology

Bernice H. Hill, Ph.D, Jungian Analyst

Friday Evening Lecture – May 16,  7:00 – 9:00 pm

Free to members | $15 for non-members

Bernice Hill gives an account of how she was drawn to explore the mysteries of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation. The uninvited “allure” into this strange field was stirred by the dreams, and the stories of her clients. The consistent message she heard was of ET’s concern for our Earth which paralleled her own deep worry gained earlier when she worked in the Canadian Department of Defense studying the damaging effects of atomic radiation on living cells.
Bernice was aware that C.G. Jung had published, a few years before his death, Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky. In it, he expressed his intuition that there was a profound connection between the “appearance” of UFOs and the loss of soul in our modern, materialistic culture.

Her own adventure was deepened by a series of synchronicities. In 1996 she attended a conference on a Lakota reservation in South Dakota. Leaders from seventeen worldwide indigenous tribes shared their sacred knowledge of extraterrestrials and their collective concern about our deteriorating planet. In that meeting, she was inspired by participation in a ritual from the Maori grandmothers of New Zealand. Its focus was on activating the archetypal Feminine Way of Knowing —so essential for balance if our Earth is to heal. Subsequent to this, she felt “called” to take circles of women on pilgrimage to Peru, New Zealand, and Egypt.

From this and other experiences the author looked at the larger UFO/ET picture. Two themes emerged. The first was how contact is opening us to deeper realms of experience; the multidimensional realities beyond ego, the fields of increasingly subtle energies. The second is the natural alignment that the Feminine has with these deeper understandings.

Bernice H. Hill, Ph.D is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Boulder for over thirty years. She is a member of the International Association for Analytic Psychology and senior training analyst with the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado.