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Michael Quinn

Michael has a BS degree in Public Administration with major in Health Services Administration from the University of Arizona. He spent three years as director of a residential Buddhist meditation center in Los Angeles. Complimenting his Buddhist practice is a strong layman’s interest in the psychology of Jung and in the process of Individuation. Michael’s goal is simply to help sustain the truly amazing Boulder Friends of Jung program.


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Janet Peart

Janet has had a deep lifelong connection with Stonehenge, and the Grail Myths that are woven into the geometric design of this ancient sacred circle. In her spiritual practice, she works within the mystical Grail Castle: the alchemical crucible at the Heart Centre of Stonehenge, to reconnect and communicate with the Self. Her artwork has provided a platform for the archetypal characters of Parcival and Blanchfleur to play out their inner quest for us upon a mandala, and to celebrate their sacred reunion in a sculpture of the Grail: The Philosopher’s Stone.

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Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor studied religion and psychology at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. His journey has been partly that of trying to integrate the two in his life. Traditional religion and orthodox psychology both left him cold. In Jungian psychology, however, he found a language that resonated with his soul. Rick and his wife, Janet, recently relocated to Estes Park from the Houston area where, since 1997, he attended regular classes under Jungian teacher, James Hollis. He was an active participant in many programs sponsored by the C.G. Jung Education Center in Houston, served as a member of their curriculum committee, and helped start a new community of folks interested in Jung’s ideas in his hometown.

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Mary Hassler, B.S.

Mary has a B.S. from Illinois State University and owns her own bookkeeping business. Mary is experienced in psychic healing and intuition and enjoys learning about Jungian psychology.

Steven Foster
Stephen Foster, MA, LPC, graduated from the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA) and a member of the IAAP. His book Risky Business: A Jungian view of environmental disasters and the Nature Archetype, investigated the psychology of environmental problems, and archetypes related to our interactions with nature. He further explored these pressing issues in the co-edited 2012 issue of the Spring Journal: Environmental Disasters and Collective Trauma. He has presented in the US and Canada on this topic, and conducted workshops on the Nature Archetype. Stephen is also interested in and lectures on Alchemical imagery in films, tarot, interpretations of fairy tales, addiction and trauma and hiking the mountains of Colorado. He is a founding member of Boulder Friends of Jung and has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado.

While practicing as a Jungian Analyst, he is also an environmental consultant and owns his own consulting firm in Colorado. He received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Imperial College, London and was a post-doctoral fellow in toxicology and cancer research. He also worked on the resolution of scientific and technical disputes at the Harvard Law School’s Program on negotiation. Following this, he embarked on a 25-year professional career in the environmental consulting industry. Stephen is a nationally recognized expert in indoor air quality and in the vapor intrusion of chemicals into homes. He has worked on many controversial, high profile oil spills and refinery clean ups.

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Ray Knudson

Ray has had a life-long fascination with belief systems in general and the intersection of spirituality and psychology in particular. This active interest led him to a study of Joseph Campbell’s ethnographic works and, subsequently, to the basic writings of Carl Jung. In pursuit of this fascination, Ray learned the rudiments of Hebrew and Greek in order to sample some of the source materials of the Judeo-Christian tradition. His current interest in cosmology has led him to believe in a basic interconnectedness of every aspect of the Universe and, in the process, has suggested a possible physical explanation for the Jungian concept of synchronicity. As a Board member, Ray hopes to contribute to Board process and productivity by utilizing organizational skills developed during a career in the business world.

Advisory Council

Deborah Bowman, Ph.D.
Linda Leonard, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst
Joe McNair, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst
Ann Murtha, LCSW
James Palmer, Ph.D.

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