How to Use and Safety of Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra oral jelly is an innovative dosage form of the most famous erection stimulator, sildenafil. As a rule, it is produced in the form of oral tablets. However, this form is quite convenient not always and not for all men. Remember that disorders of sexual function are most common in old age. The older the person is, the greater the likelihood of potency problems is.

At the same time, dysphagia is often found among older people, a condition in which the swallowing reflex is disturbed. Often it has a neurogenic origin and is very difficult to correct. In such cases, the person is physically unable to swallow a rather large pill. The appearance of Kamagra Oral Jelly on the pharmaceutical market allows men with dysphagia to restore erectile function easily.

Oral jelly form for some patients may be more psychologically acceptable. It is no secret that the self-esteem of a man with sexual dysfunction is significantly reduced. Some patients try to hide their affliction from a partner and are forced to take pills secretly. It is easy to take a jelly form, which is produced in compact and very convenient sachets.Kamagra Oral Jelly

In addition, the jelly form can be more comfortable for patients experiencing a psychological barrier before taking tablets of erection stimulants.

To all its positive qualities, Kamagra oral jelly has a pleasant fruity taste, which is appreciated by patients.

Safety Benefit

The advantages of innovative dosage forms include its safety. Namely, the first drug from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors – sildenafil – is considered the most studied ED drug in the world.

Clinical safety trials were conducted during a 12-week, placebo-controlled study in which 277 volunteers participated. Experimental data showed that only 3% of participants had to withdraw the medication due to unpleasant side effects. The same results were in the group of volunteers who received placebo pills. Thus, only 3 out of 100 men who take Kamagra oral jelly can be expected fairly pronounced adverse symptoms.

The most frequent side effect was a headache (in 46% of cases). However, in men who took the placebo, a headache was also recorded in 39% of cases. The severity of headache ranged from mild to moderate, and in the overwhelming majority, the manifestation was easily stopped by antispasmodics.

The official data obtained from all clinical trials and post-marketing studies of sildenafil indicate that headache is possible in 16% of cases of taking the drug in therapeutic doses (4% with placebo). In studies involving healthy volunteers, the safety of PDE-5 has been carefully studied. The experimental data showed that even exceeding the maximum daily dose of 8 times (800 mg per day) provides no toxic effect. Side effects when prescribing abnormally high doses of Kamagra oral jelly do not differ adverse manifestations when using standard dosages. However, in case of an accidental overdose, experts recommend taking standard measures, including gastric lavage.