Privacy Policy

Personal data processing rules

The Site Administrator aims to ensure continued confidentiality in respect of all persons whose personal data are processed by the Site Administrator, and due care is exercised in relation to their personal data. The Site Administrator takes technical and organizational-legal measures in order to ensure the protection of the User’s personal data from unlawful or accidental access to them, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as from other illegal actions.

The Site Administrator in accordance with the provisions of these Rules is the personal data operator responsible for the processing of personal data considered in these provisions. Site Administrator does not verify the accuracy of the information received about users.

Personal data, including name, surname, patronymic, e-mail, telephone (fax) number, as well as information provided at the User’s place of work/position, residential address, is processed using a computer. User personal data is stored exclusively on electronic media. The transfer of personal data by the User to the Site Administrator via the feedback form on the Site or otherwise means the consent of the User to transfer, store, process and use his personal data.

Personal data provided by the User will be processed in full compliance with these Rules in order to (a) manage requests from Users, (b) provide information and services in connection with such requests, as well as for (c) marketing and follow-up work with clients and (d) sales / product development. By submitting personal data, the User agrees to comply with the conditions specified in these Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Any visit to the Site may result in the registration of the IP address used for such access. IP addresses are used by the Site Administrator to measure usage of the Site. (The IP address is a unique number that allows the user to identify the connection to the Internet; it is automatically provided by the web browser each time the User views the Site.) This measurement may also include gathering information about how the User uses the Site, which may also include monitoring the use of the Site in order to assist the Site Administrator in improving the Site, personalizing the User’s work by setting up the content being viewed, optimizing users Experience and frequency of use. In addition, the Site Administrator has the right to conduct a statistical analysis of the collected data.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Site Administrator does not transfer personal data to Users to third parties, except as expressly provided for by these Rules. The provision of users’ personal data at the request of state authorities / local governments is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation.

Access to personal data and their correction

The user is entitled, on the basis of a request, to receive information from the Site Administrator regarding the processing of his personal data. The corresponding request is sent to

The request sent by the User must contain the following information:

  • number of the main document proving the identity of the User;
  • information on the date of issue of the specified document and the issuing authority;
  • request text in free form (it is necessary to indicate the date of registration on the Site);
  • user signature

The Site Administrator undertakes to consider and send a response to the User’s incoming request within 30 calendar days from the date of the User’s request.